Our goal

Our goal at English4Exams is to provide professional, affordable and most importantly effective English lessons to you. We are passionate about teaching and love to help other who want to further improve their language skills.

About me

My name is Kevin Greenup and I am the founder of English4Exams.com. I’m a native speaker and I have been teaching English since 2010. I began my teaching career in Manchester when I gained my Cambridge CELTA and since then have gone on to teach in many different schools and academies in England and in Spain. I am very passionate about teaching English as I am currently studying for my Cambridge DELTA which I hope to finish this year. I am an enthusiastic teacher, friendly and patient so don’t worry about making any mistakes!

How it works

Step 1
Simply book your FREE trial lesson. During this lesson, we will evaluate your level, you will get to meet your online teacher and most importantly find out what you would like to improve on.

Step 2
Book your lessons and pay via PayPal. Depending on your needs our teacher will recommend a package that best suits you. For example, if you are going to need lots of classes it would be cheaper to purchase our ‘go’ package as it’s our best value one. You choose the time and the duration, either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and we will prepare the rest!

Step 3
After each lesson, your teacher will send you a video including the audio and general feedback about the class. This way you can review the class at home to improve on any mistakes that you have made.

Step 4
Watch your English level improve as you become more confident and fluent speaking English in the real world.

Our method at English4Exams

We have an array of engaging conversation topics to ensure that your classes are structured, productive and most importantly effective in improving your English. However, if there is something specific you would like to focus on in class (e.g. planning a holiday to England, giving a presentation etc.. just let us know).

At English4Exams we always put your needs first! 

After each class, we send you a video of the lesson a summary focusing on any mistakes made, how to improve them and what you have improved on since your last class with us. In each online lesson, you will improve the following areas of your spoken English:

  • New vocabulary and expressions
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Corrections of your mistakes

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