Business English

business english courses

With business English lessons, you can focus on a variety of topics and learn the essential part of your specialisation. At English4Exams we believe that the best way to learn is a four step process.

  • Step 1: Teacher introduces todays new topic and vocabulary. (Teacher will do most of the talking)
  • Step 2: Student practices in a controlled environment with the teacher correcting them on any mistakes (Teacher and student will do the same amount of talking)
  • Step 3: student continues to practice in a less controlled environment to further challenge the student. (Student will do most of the talking)
  • Step 4: Student practices in a free environment, using all the new vocabulary and expressions that they have learnt. (Student will do nearly all the talking)

We offer lessons on the following;


In these lessons, we will focus on all the key aspects to take part and lead meetings in a professional way. We focus on vocabulary, expressions and then practice them in a roleplay. We believe that this is the best way to learn as you get to practice the new vocabulary in a business environment.


In these lessons, we will look at the different styles, techniques and key vocabulary to give you the skills to do a perfect presentation. We give you feedback on what you need to improve on and provide you with valuable resources to enable you to do so.


Telephoning skills are a valuable thing to have as many businesses rely on this to communicate within and with other businesses. We will look at how to speak in a professional manner, key phrases, vocabulary and much more!


Negotiations happen every day in businesses, it’s vital to be able to successfully get the best deal for your business, therefore we look at different techniques, style of writing, vocabulary and expressions. Practice online with your teacher using the new vocabulary and expressions to become more comfortable with negotiations.

Job interview

Have a job interview coming up? No problem! We will provide you with the perfect foundation to start practicing for your specific interview. We have lots of common interview questions and help you prepare for them making sure that they are personalised for you. Practice mock interviews with your online teacher to further improve your chances of getting your dream job.


Socialising within a company can sometimes be difficult as they tend to use different vocabulary to what you have learnt in the classroom. Here we look at how to communicate effectively with your colleagues and clients to ensure that you are successful on what you want to achieve.


Just want to learn and practice new vocabulary for your department? No problem as we have a plethora of key vocabulary lists that you can learn and practice with your online teacher. You can reinforce your understanding by speaking fluently with your online teacher using the new vocabulary you have just learnt.

Interested in our Business English lessons?

We tailor our teaching to suit your level of English. Choose from the following options:




15 minute lesson

  • Assess your level of english
  • Meet your teacher online




5x 60 minute lessons
or 10x 30 minute lessons

  • €30 per hour
  • Suitable for all students




10x 60 minute lessons
or 20x 30 minute lessons

  • €26 per hour
  • Suitable for all students




20x 60 minute lessons
or 40x 30 minute lessons

  • €22 per hour
  • Suitable for all students

We tailor our teaching to suit your level of English. Why not book our free 15 minute taster session so we can create a learning plan and suggest the number of sessions you need to reach your goals.